Warsaw by night


Welcome to Warsaw Taxi Cab’s

We desire to present corporation Taxi state „ taxi 400 400 ”. We are firm new dynamically developing, we act in young group of proprietary person in imported sector in the area of warsaw many years experience taxi and regions. We put particular push on attendance of client from area Mokotów, Ursynów and sand. Creation of firm is our main purpose about ideal picture, highest standard of attendance of client. We want to leave claims opposite expectations of states granting put we, there is our password for it for reasonable price „ high quality ”. We own modern fleet, Mercedes for transportation of person convenient cars of marks and trunk cars for transportation of thing. Our drivers are mile and honest, they own license taxi and experience in sector. It guarantees safe state and luxury approach for purpose of journey. For state specially, we have prepared many promotion on our favor you will find it  in gun „ promotion ”. We invite state for use of our services honorable and we ish nice impressions from journey, we wish our firm width…

We invite for warsaw, never city who sleeps. Sex Clubs, Go-Go, discoes, etc. everything you will see it ordering our taxi.

Call now: +48 535 468 633

taxi 400 400 (c) 2019

Call now: +48 535 468 633

535 468 633

Po polsku: pięć trzy pięć cztery sześć osiem sześć trzy trzy 

Po Angielsku: fith three fith four six eight six three three 

Po Niemiecku: fünf drei fünf vier sechs acht sechs drei drei 

Po Arabsku: خمسة ثلاثة خمسة أربعة ستة ثمانية ستة ثلاثة ثلاثة 

Po Chorwacku: pet tri pet četiri šest osam šest tri tri 

Po Jidysz: פינף דרייַ פינף פיר זעקס אַכט זעקס דרייַ דרייַ 

Po Łacińsku: quinque tres quinque quattuor sex octo sex tres tres 

Taxi Radio | Utwórz swoją wizytówkę
Taxi Radio | Utwórz swoją wizytówkę


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